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Things were looking decidedly bleak for a while last month. The Large Hadron Collider was going to recreate the Big Bang and suck us all into a black hole, Zimbabwe looked further from peace than ever and oil was getting more expensive by the second.

Worse still, summer was apparently having a lie-in and we’d emerged from the Beijing Olympics with fewer medals than Tajikistan.

But as the paranoiacs crept gingerly out of their back-garden bomb-shelters they found the world renewed: The Hadron Whatever came and went without so much as a small pop, a deal had been struck in Zim and the oil price was going in the other direction. We half expected it to start raining smarties.Then, as if on cue, cartoonist Zapiro then produced his most controversial cartoon yet the very week we were putting our comic edition together.

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Laugh Out Loud - Matthew Freemantle
People laugh at Tshepo Mogale. A lot. Only that’s his job, so he doesn’t get upset. It’s when they stop laughing that he starts to worry.
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D’Oh! And Other Classics
Who better to celebrate the comic edition than that Godfather of Goofiness, the Sultan of Stupidity, The Daddy of Dof, the…ok I’ll stop.
We’ve scoured the scripts to unearth the pick of Homer Simpson’s vast catalogue of idiotic yet priceless quotes.

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Home Away From Home
Gaining work experience abroad is a bittersweet experience. You experience a new culture, but that often comes with sharing a flat the size of a toilet cubicle with nine compatriots.

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Vespa competition

Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes
Within the now ageing folk revival there are hundreds of examples of rehash but precious few of reinvention.

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An Alaskan Tale
It’s been described as the most important presidential race on the planet – the race for the oval office. Whether you believe this or not...
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Cash In
The world may still be teetering on the edge of a recession, but according to Richard Middleton, now is the time to buy into the South African domestic story.

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If you’re anything like your editor, you will agree that DIY should be a four letter word. But so much can be done around the house without physical pain, stress or burst water pipes ruining the party; you just need the right advice.

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