Extra Extra November December 2009

MoneyFamous(ish) Five

It's been a good year for South African rock music. And in the spirit of happy endings we look at some of the year's most impressive acts, all of whom will be touring the country throughout the summer.

Zebra & Giraffe
The name might be daft but the music is anything but. Alternative rock that hints at emo without ever disappearing up that genre's ample behind. http://www.zebraandgiraffe.co.za/

A King
Melodic rock that might be a cross between Crash Test Dummies and The Hold Steady if it weren't somehow unmistakably local. A plethora of made-for-radio hits makes up for lyrics that sometimes try too hard.

Dirty Skirts
The Cape Town four piece are veterans of the local circuit now but still far from receiving the nationwide acclaim they deserve. Fidgety rock anthems as tight as a librarian's shoelaces.

Too dirty to ever be mainstream but underestimated as a powerful live act with more than their fair share of hit material. Kidofdoom's instrumental, synth-led rock makes a good album and a better show.

Paul E Flynn
Former Sugardrive frontman and winner of 2009's SAMA for Best English Rock album, Paul E Flynn has done with 'Fields' what he never could with his former band - softening up without selling out.


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