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Trying to get any work done on a typical winter morning is not a task for the faint of heart… Your breath condenses into sad little clouds as it collides with the icy office air, compromising visibility, but you plunge ahead, determined. Once you've managed to locate your computer amidst the fog, you can finally chip the sheet of ice from your keyboard and begin. Now, if only you could get your numb, mitten-encased fingers to hit the right keys…

What you need is something to warm you up. Sure, a USB powered hand-warmer might help, but in a pinch you need a quick-fix solution.

Lucky for you, we've just unveiled our three sexy new credit card designs and they're seriously HOT. Take a peek if you need to warm up.

We also put the winter chill into perspective with a chat to local adventurer, Sibusiso, who has just returned from his epic icy trek to the North Pole, and share the London Marathon experience with our CEO, Saul Sassoon.

So if the winter is getting you down, stay strong and read on, because this latest edition is filled with great deals to help chase the chill away.