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London Marathon Experience

Wow, running the London marathon was incredible. This was my first marathon and I’m sure it will be difficult to top this experience. Hundreds of thousands of spectators lined the route and many bands and music groups played their music along the way.

The vibe I experienced I presume can only be compared to professional sporting events, crowds of people throughout the entire 42km screaming out runners’ names as they go past and strangers handing out sweets and chocolates to help runners get through those last few painful kilometres.

The highlight for me was running through the halfway point, Tower Bridge, with thousands of people cheering on either side of the road. I felt like a professional athlete honing in on the finish line even though I was only halfway.

The race was incredibly well organised which was impressive as there were 37,000 runners competing. I attended the Virgin London marathon Expo on the Friday before the race to register. It was full of Virgin branding and so well organised. I think the whole event puts the Virgin Group in such a positive light.

The whole experience of London was extraordinary. A simple thing for Londoners like highly efficient public transport was tourist attraction for me. London has this wonderful energy and buzz which is probably due to hundreds of different nationalities all living and working next to each other.

This experience will live with me for a very long time and I would love to do it again.

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