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The world of money is changing and we saw an opportunity to show our dexterity as well. We have created a new identity for a new era in order for us to build new meaning into banking and create a point of departure where everyone is better off.

This is a huge ambition but one which we believe we have the passion to achieve.

How will we achieve this?

By doing what banks and insurance should do:

  • By genuinely caring about you and your money. Not rushing in to sell to you.
  • By putting customer service ahead of cost-cutting. People ahead of account numbers.
  • By creating straightforward, no-nonsense products. With the reassurance that there's no sting in the tail.
  • Above all, we'll use our expertise with money to do some good in the world.

We won't get there straightaway. But we won't rest until we do.

The Virgin Money logo has seen a few changes over the years. The new logo was introduced in January 2012 to signify the purchase of Northern Rock bank in the United Kingdom.

The new logo idea symbolises Virgin in the world of money. The Virgin Money brand aims to challenge convention by humanising banking, building social principles such as transparency, fairness and responsibility into financial services.

This eZine is the official first appearance of the new logo in South Africa and will start to appear on your letterheads, statements and emailers. We'll be updating the website and all other areas that feature the logo in the coming months.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.