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Going away and worried about your home being safe? Here’s the low down on keeping your house safe as well as  some tips for hitting the road.

Lock-up and leave… with peace of mind!

Did you know that it only takes between five and twelve minutes to break into a house? Apart from making sure your home contents is covered by Virgin Money Insurance like it should be here are a few tips to make it harder for thieves to spot that you’re not home and get inside:

  • Thieves go for light and portable possessions with a high value. It’s best to put your important documents and lightweight valuables in a deposit box at the bank.
  • Equip all exterior doors with quality locks.
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to check on your home and empty the mailbox.
  • Set some of the lights inside your house on timers and keep a radio tuned into a chat station.
  • Cancel all deliveries, such as milk or newspapers.

And here is another tip for while you’re away…

  • Incase of power failures: clear out your freezer before you pack your bags.

And for hitting the road on four wheels…

Before driving off this holiday, there are few things to check on your vehicle:

  • If your car has a few too many years under the fan belt, make sure that it still meets the roadworthy requirements.
  • Take your car for a service to double-check that everything is in working order.
  • Map out your route. Even if you’re being spontaneous, you’ll need to stop for petrol and you don’t want to be stuck driving in the red.
  • Test your fluids – everything from break fluid to radiator coolant.
  • Check your locks and alarm system… are they all in working order?

You should also think about Portable Possession cover before taking to the road. It will cover all those things that you’d be lost without on your travels such as your glasses or phone, now that’s insurance like it should be!  For an obligation-free quote or more information, click here or call 0860 10 49 15

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