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Brace yourself – winter has arrived. Along with the cold weather and darkened skies, come hazardous roads and accident season. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and sound behind the wheel.

Tread carefully – Your tyres are in direct contact with the road, that’s why you always have to make sure that your tread is sufficient. With wet or icy roads you’ll need that grip more than ever.

Keep it light – Always make sure your lights, brights, indicators and reflectors are in working condition. They help keep the road ahead visible and communicate your intentions to other drivers.

Windscreens – Check those wipers and get all cracks fixed ASAP. When it rains, windscreen wipers are the only thing preventing the water from obscuring your view. Remember, another danger is that one small crack in your windscreen can easily spread, putting you at further risk.

Check that oil – Cars use more oil in winter therefore make sure your levels are up.

Defrost and heat up – Make sure that your defrosting and heating equipment works so you’re not stuck with a misty windscreen or windows in the cold weather.

Watch your speed – Ice, frost or rain during winter can cause the roads to become slippery. Remember to decrease your speed and keep a safe following distance according to the weather.

Be vigilant, keep your eyes on the road and buckle up this winter. Of course, it’s really important to keep yourself (and your vehicle) covered because sometimes accidents do happen. If you’re looking for motor insurance, look no further than Virgin Money – Insurance like it should be. You won’t pay a motor excess on claims over R5 000 and you get guaranteed fixed premiums for the first 24 months, if you remain claim-free! Remember, we now also offer Life Cover.

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