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In our quest to provide our Virgin Money Credit Card customers with the best possible service, we’ve decided to share our ‘cheat sheet’ with you…

So here’s a rundown of the top five burning questions most frequently asked by our customers:

  1. How do I load a beneficiary on my Virgin Money online banking?
    To load a beneficiary, just email us at and we’ll load the beneficiary for you. Only one beneficiary can be loaded, which must be a bank account held in the same name as the Virgin Money Credit Card. Proof of bank details may be requested.

  2. Why do I need to submit my documents to Virgin Money, and how often do I have to do this?
    As a bank, we have to be FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001) compliant. This means we need your documents to verify that we have the correct and most up to date information at all times. These documents can be asked for at any time to verify customer information even if they have been supplied before.

  3. I did not receive my statement.
    Monthly statements can be received via email or post. Should you not receive your monthly statement, please email us at and we will resend your statement to you. An alternative option is to register for our online banking and you will be able to view or download your statements online.
    However, it’s essential that we have the correct email address or postal address, so please remember to let us know when your details change.

  4. Can I get a credit limit increase on my account?
    Call us at 0861 822 273 to request an increase and we’ll work with you to determine if you qualify, and if so, for how much.

  5. Sometimes I can’t see my details on the online banking screen.
    Seeing a blank screen when you log on to the online banking? Following these steps should help resolve the problem:
    If you are using Internet Explorer 7 please follow these steps:
    • Open your internet explorer browser
    • Click on tools. The dropdown should show compatibility view greyed out. If the option is black, click on this option only. Do not click on the compatibility view settings option.
    • Once you have clicked on the compability view option, you should be able to view information on our online banking page.

    If you are using Internet Explorer 8 please follow these steps:
    • Open Internet Explorer and go to
    • When the Online Banking Log On page is displayed, do not proceed to log on…
    • Press the F12-key on the computer keyboard. This will open the ‘Developer Tools Window’
    • Click on “Browser mode” at the top of the window and click on Internet Explorer 8 (don’t select “Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View” - this does not work)
    • Close the ‘Developer Tools Window’ and close the Internet Explorer Window as well
    • Open Internet Explorer again and log onto Online Banking as normal.

    • Close your Virgin Money online banking page (if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser)
    • Open Opera (or Safari if you are using an Apple) and see if you are then able to access the Virgin Money online banking via this browser.

More questions? call us on 0861 822 273 or email us at