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Fancy paying your bills on the go? Then walletdoc is the solution for you.

walletdoc is a mobile and web-based bill payment platform which offers a smart, secure and convenient way to pay bills without the admin.

It helps ensure that you never miss a payment because you are notified when bills arrive and are reminded when bills are due. walletdoc takes care of account and reference numbers resulting in a hassle-free experience for users while ensuring billers always receive reconciled payments.

Once you have set up your payment card details, you can pay multiple bills in a single transaction. Better yet, you no longer need to manually print and file bills together with proof of payment, as walletdoc digitally stores bills and payment history.

walletdoc has also partnered with EasyPay which has an extensive network of over 400 of South Africa’s largest billers who are payable using walletdoc. walletdoc helps these billers to send bills and collect payment securely, reliably and quickly.

How to use walletdoc

  • Sign up and get your own walletdoc email address.
  • Get your billers to send your bills to this email address or forward your bills to your new walletdoc e-mail address.
  • Your bill is processed by walletdoc and is ready for payment.
  • Payment can be made in full or in part and can even be scheduled for a future date.

Register at or download walletdoc from the iPhone or Android app stores.

Need some help? Have any questions? Visit us at or phone us on 0861 822 273.

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