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Virgin Money Insurance gives you the ability to choose between two funeral cover plans so that your funeral cover can give you exactly what you need.

Virgin Money Insurance can offer you a Family or Single funeral plan.

With the Family plan you can get cover up to the value of R640 000 from as little as R3.79 per day. To your policy, you can also add up to 24 additional members; including your spouse, children, parents and extended family as well as one domestic worker, because they are like family too. You can rest assured that we have your whole family covered.

With the Single plan you can get cover up to the value of R212 000 from as little as R3.12 per day. You can add up to 14 additional family members to your Single cover. This means that your policy can take care of you and your loved ones.

Whether you need a Family or Single funeral plan we have a host of additional benefits that are designed to make the grieving process a little bit easier for your loved ones:

  • Should you or your spouse pass away because of an accident, we will double the pay-out amount to your family.
  • With a R1 000 airtime benefit your loved ones will have enough airtime to make the funeral arrangements.
  • You can get a R5 000 memorial benefit so that you have the perfect tombstone to ensure that your memory lasts forever.
  • We offer up to R10 000 in repatriation cover to transport you to your final resting place anywhere in South Africa.
  • R6 000 grocery benefit will ensure that your family has food on the table for a long time after you’re gone.

In life one thing is certain and when the time comes, wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know that your family, no matter how big or small can grieve without the worry of funeral costs. At Virgin Money Insurance we have many funeral cover options to suit your unique needs, as well as to suit your pocket.

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