Stop dreaming, start planning

Virgin Money South Africa has launched a revolutionary new peer-to-peer payment app called Spot.

Spot makes sending money to a friend as easy as sending an SMS.

It’s simple, safe and social and best of all, there are 0% fees on transactions. It makes sending money and getting money an EFTless process.

Send money. Get money. It’s that simple.

It couldn’t be easier to spot your friends for that meal you shared, for the drinks tab that they picked up, the bet you lost or for your share of house supplies.

Key Features

  • Virgin Money Spot works with all South African credit, cheque and debit cards that are internet enabled and it can be downloaded from the South African IOS and Google Play stores.
  • There are 0% fees on all transactions.
  • Refer & Earn – every time someone registers using your code we will give them R20 and you will receive R20 after they link their card.
  • You only need to link your card once and then you’re all set to send money to anyone in your contact list.


  • It’s a safe and secure payment solution.
  • No more EFTs, no more asking for banking details and no more expensive money transfers.
  • Paying friends is as easy as tapping on their name.

Security Features

We take security very seriously - we use the best industry standards and practices to give Spot users the simplest, safest and most secure experience possible.

Our security features include:

  • Data encryption – we encrypt all bank related data so that all this information stays private and safe.
  • Pin-protected payments – when registering for your Virgin Money Spot account, you will be asked to create a unique PIN that we use to secure each transaction you make.
  • Account notifications - we’ll send you transactional notifications to let you know when payments have been made and received.
  • Daily and monthly transaction limits – there are daily and monthly limits that are set by your bank and Spot.

We take the fuss out of cash transfers. With all this in mind, the question is why would anyone ever use another payment method again?

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