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In today’s fast-paced world, where a good portion of our lives are lived online, keeping up, saving time, and ‘going digital’ is a must.

Virgin Money Insurance is no exception.

That’s why we’ve recently launched an awesome new online platform that allows you to get a quote and buy car insurance in under ten minutes.

It’s never been so speedy for you to go from quote to fully insured.

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Virgin Money Insurance’s ‘digital first’ thinking comes out of extensive research into our customer base. The fact is, South Africans are becoming more and more digitally savvy (of course we are!), and we developed this platform to give people a new way to get their car insured, without having to go through a call centre.

At last, car owners have an alternative to the traditional ‘quote & call-back’ route. Now, if you want to insure your car, you can just go online to get a quote and buy your cover, in one sitting. Done and dusted.

So much simpler, and so much time saved.

Digital advancements are happening all the time, which means that Virgin Money Insurance is always working hard to make sure we stay ahead of the pack.

Watch this space for our next exciting digital experience...

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