Love the outdoors? Well it’s time to unleash your organising spirit…

Yup, Campstyle Organisers are on a mission to make your camping experience as organised and comfortable as possible with the Travellers’ Kitchen.

What is the Traveller’s Kitchen?

Well, it’s a custom-designed case containing everything you need to serve delicious meals out in the wilderness.

This unit not only includes items such as sauce bottles, tumblers, cutlery and dinner plates (and more), it is snugly packed in laser-cut high density foam to protect against shock and abrasion, ensuring that you will always win the ‘battle with the rattle’.

Take your camping to the next level

So, if you prefer tidiness combined with luxury when camping, you’ll definitely want to enter this competition…

*Stand a chance to win a Travellers’ Kitchen for 6, valued at R2800!

What’s inside this awesome 64 piece set?

  • 6 Piece Spice Holders (secured by Elastic Strings)
  • 4 Piece Canteen Sauce Bottles (secured by elastic strings)
  • 2 Standard Stainless-Steel Wine Goblets | Cutlery Holder with Lid
  • 6 Oval Dinner plates | 6 Standard Stainless-Steel Mugs | 6 Standard Stainless-Steel Tumblers
  • 6 Bowls | 1 Medium Sized Cutting Board | 16 Piece Cutlery Set
* Free Spice & Sauce labels Included.

OK, so now you know you just have to have this prize… here’s how you enter:

  1. Tell us how many pieces are included in the Travellers Kitchen for 6?
  2. SMS your name and the answer to 45211 to stand a chance to win (before 31 October).

The winner will be announced on the 2nd of November via phone call.

*Ts & Cs apply

Remember, whoever you are, whatever your style - be it fine china or rough-it-up and go – with Campstyle Organisers you will always win the battle with the rattle!

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