The Experience Economy: A Sweet Indulgence for Many!

Although we have the world at our fingertips - we can order almost anything and have it delivered to us, sometimes for free from our phones - research shows that consumers have made the switch from purchasing things to something more lasting: experiences.

The evolution of this economy has been fascinating to observe.

After World War II devastated the world, people craved the normalcy of security of a home, a car and family. The consumption of goods grew during this time, and interestingly blue-collar workers were the most prolific buyers of luxury goods and services in the 50s, according to Forbes. During the 60s, most women still stayed home while men worked, and things were social milestones.

Slowly, the idea of ownership of things as a status symbol has shifted to where it is today. While millennials have had a huge impact on almost every market, they are not the only generation to opt for exploring experiences instead of buying things. People of all ages are opting for unique and exciting experiences, learning new things and participating in unusual activities, such as those offered by Celestial Gift Experiences.

The platform has something for everyone, whether you’re trying to complete your bucket list with hot air ballooning, shark cage diving, and learning to fly a plane, or more unusual activities, such as saving rhinos, sleeping in a cave suite, sunset cruises on luxury yachts, romantic picnics, rally driving experiences, rooftop trailer park overnight experiences, and sky dining, to name but a few.

Consumers of the experience economy want to seize the moment and experience all the wonders life has to offer, and it makes a lot of sense. With ownership comes responsibility, which may cramp your style if you’re a free-spirited wild child. In a world where employment is hard to come by, people opt to freelance their skills instead of working for a boss. They live in apartments in cities instead of owning homes in the suburbs, thus freeing themselves from the bondage of home and garden maintenance. Instead of buying cars, they use ride-share services.

This change of lifestyle towards an experience economy offers many benefits. It frees up time and money which can be put towards completing bucket lists and creating lifelong memories. An unexpected side effect of great experiences is that it has a status boosting effect. Posting pictures of your latest adventures on Facebook and Instagram will certainly enhance your social cred.

Giving someone an experience gift has also been shown to be more memorable than a physical gift. It provides a special bonding opportunity for your family or friends when you take them along on bucket-list experiences.

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